We provide expert technical trial support and project management

At Australian Healthcare Solutions we pride ourselves on the quality of our project management and technical support – it is pivotal to the service we provide.

Having local knowledge and established relationships and networks enables streamlined navigation of trial logistics and effective communication. Our project managers become a valuable conduit between site and sponsor.

Our project managers are all clinical experts in their fields. Your project manager will have an extensive clinical background relevant to your technology and they will have respected relationships with physicians in their clinical fields.

If your technology requires, case support AHS can provide this for you. As with our project managers, our technical support people are experienced professionals who are technical experts in their fields. They will be specifically trained in your technology to provide first class technical support.

Provision of local technical case support has been highly valued by our clients, particularly our international clients. Local support has eliminated the need to fly staff out to Australia for each case resulting in significant cost and time savings.