Clinician Behaviour Change

Effecting behavioural change amongst clinicians is vital in achieving market penetration for your new medical technology.

After decades of working in the Australian medical industry, our team have a thorough understanding of how to best approach and communicate with local clinicians.

Depending on your technology and the agreed strategy, we can target the prescriber, proceduralist or referrer (in any combination), to maximise education and adoption.  We also analyse the referral pathway in each case and work to simplify the path to product for indicated patients.


Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs)

With healthcare becoming increasingly more individualised, and the allocation of healthcare resources becoming scarcer, multidisciplinary teams are frequently being formed to deal more efficiently and effectively with specific disease states. The formation of multidisciplinary teams is a strategy often utilised to increase adoption of a therapy where patients are managed across more than one speciality group.

AHS has facilitated the formation of several successfully functioning multidisciplinary teams with proven gains in therapy uptake.


Key Opinion Leaders

AHS has significant experience in identifying Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the Australian healthcare system and forming and facilitating KOL Advisory Boards. Formation of KOL Advisory Boards can be an effective tactic for driving critical infrastructural and behavioural strategies around a therapeutic area.