Uptake Medical Corporation

Uptake Medical is a California, USA based organisation that is actively developing bronchoscopic based therapies for the treatment of chronic respiratory disorders.

Due to the experience and skill of Australian and New Zealand respiratory clinicians, Uptake Medical made the decision to complete a portion of a second stage bronchoscopic therapy for emphysema clinical trial in the Australasian region.

Uptake Medical engaged AHS to provide technical, logistical, site and clinician management services for the trial. Included in this service was the set up and management of four Australian and one New Zealand site. With AHS acting as the Australian extension of Uptake Medical, the requirement for senior management to travel to Australia was significantly reduced, saving Uptake Medical both time and money.

Australian Healthcare Solutions’s daily communication with Uptake Medical surrounding trial activities meant the company had real time knowledge of the progress of the trial and any issues that arose during the trial process.

Uptake Medical has recently engaged AHS to manage a second First In Human trial in Australia.


“AHS has bridged the gap between ANZ and our US-based medical device company with full-service clinical, technical and logistical support of our clinical trial. Matt Godden’s combination of detail orientation, clinical communication skills and technical expertise has fully supported our 5 site clinical trial in Australia and New Zealand. Matt has outstanding customer service skills and quickly earns respect from all medical and nursing staff. We consider Matt a member of our team and look forward to continued work with AHS for future ANZ projects.”


King Nelson
CEO, Uptake Medical Corporation